Irene Castle

Dancer - Trendsetter - Animal Rights Activist

Audience Testimonials

SMF as IC testimonials

“Susan Marie Frontczak is a delightful Irene Castle. With insight and humor, she reveals the exuberance of the young Irene during the Castles’ remarkable and swift rise to fame. She also brings Vernon back to life as she takes her audience on the roller coaster of the couple’s career. Throughout her performance, Frontczak is lovely and graceful on stage, a dancer portraying a dancer with aplomb.”
—Janine Rider, Program committee chair and spokesperson Two Rivers Chautauqua, Grand Junction, CO

“Susan Frontczak's Irene Castle is her most light-hearted character study to date, which makes this performance fun to watch! Although Irene has gone through so much in her life, she maintains a sense of humor that melts our hearts. She is a multi-dimensional character with varied interests and passions, and Frontczak brings them to us with grace and a love of her subject.” —Sondra Singer

"I'm so appreciative when actors can transport me to my parents' and grandparents' era and fill in some blanks. She was a lovely bridge." —audience member, High Plains Chautauqua

"Great and wonderful presentation.  I had no idea this couple had such influence in America and Europe.  And such a heart for animals." —audience member, High Plains Chautauqua