Erma Bombeck


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"Susan Marie Frontczak is a marvelous living history presenter who entertains audiences with Erma Bombeck’s timeless philosophy: “If you can laugh at it, you can live with it.” Her portrayal of the suburban housewife/writer is full of wit and warmth, just like the celebrated humorist herself."
— Teri Rizvi, founder and director of the Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop, University of Dayton

 "Susan Marie Frontczak is among the very best Chautauqua scholars in the United States today. She has performed for High Plains Chautauqua audiences again and again, and we keep inviting her back. Most recently, she debuted a new character for our 2018 theme: "Blowin' in the Wind, The '60s." We had grown to expect nothing less than the best historical scholarship and convincing character re-creation from Susan Marie, thanks to her superb presentations of Eleanor Roosevelt, Marie Curie, Irene Castle and Clara Barton. What would she do with her new character, Erma Bombeck? She wowed us! In two decades of High Plains Chautauqua performances, we have never laughed so hard and long. She literally had 850 people in stitches. We rose in unison to give her a rousing standing ovation. Erma Bombeck has never been funnier, and that's saying something! Bravo to Susan Marie Frontczak!"
— Ron Edgerton, Emeritus Professor of History, University of Northern Colorado

 "On behalf of LifeLong Learning at Pebble Creek, thank you for the exceptional and entertaining presentation of Erma Bombeck. Your portrayal was so compelling and spellbinding - a real tribute to a wonderful woman who tempered the stresses and frustrations of raising a family with humor and honesty. How I long for her common and uncommon sense approach to life. Thank you for bringing her voice back. I commend you and admire you for your scholarship and integrity in bringing history to life."
— Carol Mungas for Life Long Learning at Pebble Creek, AZ