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First Lady — Author — Activist — Humanitarian

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Eleanor Roosevelt Living History by Susan Marie Frontczak

"Frontczak is meticulously precise in her historical research, and her performance in character is simply dazzling.”
— Dr. Carrafiello, Miami University

"Susan Marie Frontczak's characterization of Eleanor Roosevelt is miraculous, one of the best works of art and scholarship that I have ever experienced. 
“I came to know and love "ER" over the seven years that I spent researching and then producing my own documentary about the former First Lady, for PBS. As I settled into the performance last Monday evening, my expectations were low: How could one woman possibly capture the tremendous heart, soul, mind and spirit of the real Eleanor Roosevelt? And then, Susan Marie Frontczak moved onto the stage and filled the amphitheater with a performance that was riveting from start to finish. I was moved to tears at several points, because she so perfectly embodied the beautiful heart and mind of the real Eleanor Roosevelt. I felt her pain, enjoyed her humor, and reveled in her brilliance - all of it shining through like the stars above us at Lake Tahoe that gorgeous summer night. Ten thousand stars.”
— Kathryn Dietz, Producer of Eleanor Roosevelt, American Experience

"I have seen many living history presentations over the years. Susan Marie Frontczak's portrayal of Eleanor Roosevelt is by far one of the best. For over an hour, she held the rapt attention of hundreds of high school students as she described the daunting process of chairing the committee that drafted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This important presentation on human rights helped students understand that they need to stand up for human rights every single day in their schools and communities, as well as in our larger world.”
— Marguerite Adelman, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF), Burlington Vermont Branch

"Susan Marie Frontczak brought Eleanor Roosevelt to life at six locations across Maryland at our 2018 Chautauqua. Not only does she provide substantive content, but she makes her audiences think, by engaging them in thought provoking discussion about issues that are relevant today. She received rave reviews, including 'best performance I’ve seen in 11 years,' 'wonderful storyteller,' 'amazing job in answering questions.' We highly recommend Ms. Frontczak as an educator and performer.”
— Judy Dobbs, Program Officer, Maryland Humanities

"Portraying one of the most formidable women in American history is no easy task, yet you had the audience mesmerized from your very first words. Allowing us to participate through questions gave all of us, from novice to history buff, a chance to learn something new about the life of Eleanor Roosevelt.”
— Life Long Learning at Pebble Creek, Goodyear, AZ

“As with her previous historic personage programs, Susan's portrayal of Eleanor Roosevelt was impeccably researched and thoughtfully presented in such a way that by the end audience members feel they knew not just the facts about her life, but her heart and soul. Susan is so familiar with every detail of that life, that her handling of the audience questions while she was still in the Eleanor character was positively stunning!
"’Bravo" ’was again heard from an audience on their feet for the final ovation. And I had numerous comments, positive to say the least, from patrons thanking the library for hosting the premier of this new program.”
— Carol Heepke, Special Programs Coordinator, Boulder Public Library

"Frontczak becomes Eleanor Roosevelt, and every historical figure she portrays. Our audiences request her back year after year, and we comply. Who can argue with a full house?”
— Dr. Kathleen Monahan, Director, Tarpon Springs Cultural Treasures

"Denver Eclectics has over 30 programs a year and for the second year in a row, I have featured Susan Marie Frontczak in her role as Eleanor Roosevelt. My presenters range from people like the Governor of Colorado, to a psychoanalyst discussing Franz Kafka and his work. I seldom invite the same presenter back the next year. Susan is an exception. Her ability to really get inside the person of Eleanor Roosevelt makes one feel that Eleanor has been cloned. She totally held my group of 250+ in rapt attention and then after her presentation, she first answers questions that Eleanor would have been asked and then she comes out of character to answer questions as Susan, the Storysmith®. I think the reason I have had her and will have her again next season to finish the Eleanor trilogy is because this presentation is an undertaking with Susan, completely encouraging a thoughtful program that will stay with my members for years.”
— Lee Everding, Director, Denver Eclectics

"Susan Marie Frontczak belongs to that small percentage of gifted people, whose performances are the epitome of perfection. Susan sets the standard by which all Chautauqua presentations should be judged. A stellar performer!”
— Fort Morgan Public Library, Fort Morgan, CO

“Eleanor felt very real to me. Though I've always admired her, I now have a greater appreciation for the kind of person she was.”
— Joan Podgorski

“Belonging to the generation that experienced her and remembering all the pros and cons as to her activities, the evening was a grand refresher about those times.”
— Mary Trembour

“Your vignettes are powerful and poignant. You clearly show the special intelligence and intensity of Eleanor.”
— Jim X. Borzym

“America needs a big reminder right now of how important it is to help one another and become involved with the community and with raising the standard of living for the poorest people. Thank you for doing this!”
— Dorothy Becker

“I was awfully impressed with how you fielded questions while in character. I kept having to remind myself that that part wasn't scripted. It flowed so naturally”
— Kit Basom

“Much of what Eleanor talked about is timely today especially regarding the need for human curiosity.”
— Richard Kiefer

“It's just wonderful that you are bringing such a strong woman into the lives of those who might not realize how forward thinking she was. It's good for all to realize that women of past times did make their points and have their influences.”
— Barbara Jane Miller

“It's over? — it seemed like five minutes!”
— Brad Hackman

"Susan Marie Frontczak's portrayal of Eleanor Roosevelt was so popular, we had several of the attendees check out books about her life in the Library the next day. Frontczak, and her Eleanor, encouraged curiosity and taught history at the same time. Because of her skill in portraying Eleanor, our patrons told us they will be more interested in attending our other Chautauquas this year. This one program has proved to be a powerful marketing tool for the Library.”
— Marty Frick, Librarian, West Custer County Library

"September School’s high school students and teachers were treated to a remarkable performance by Susan Frontczak as Eleanor Roosevelt. Her character was utterly believable, both in her voice and mannerisms. Most importantly, we all learned so much about the First Lady … Everyone in our school agrees that Susan brought Eleanor Roosevelt and the social, economic and political issues of her time to life.”
— Brus Westby, Principal, September School

"Frontczak’s ability to portray this intensely interesting character, present her thoughts in a form we can all relate to, and show the stress, humor and emotion of this great lady during these trying times will mesmerize your audience.”
— Barbara Brannen, CEO, Playmore, Inc.