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Programs for Adults

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Susan Marie Frontczak
Women's Perspectives

The stories in this program depict courage, love, risks, challenges and heroism. The only twist is that the lead characters are all women. We, too, can fill these roles. Symbolic and mythic stories are woven together with personal accounts of Susan's 14-year career in engineering and management, her relationship with her sister, and other real-life anecdotes.

Stories to Chill Your Bones

A selection from Susan's extensive repertoire of bone-tingling tales. which could include: I Love My Love by Helen Adam, a romantic nightmare in which a young man discovers his bride - and her hair - have a life of their own; Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti, which deals with the peril of dealing with fairy folk, and the damage to health from partaking of fairy food; and The Telltale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe. This first-person account of a murder portrays an oh-so-gradual decline from well-concealed derangement to true madness.

Stories on the Wing

For ages we have looked to the sky and taken inspiration from birds: their song, their flight, and occasionally their companionship. These stories explore our relationship with our feathered partners on this planet.

Stories of Music and Dance

From a raucous barn dance to a high society waltz, from the ancient harp to ragtime piano, bring your hearts to an evening of joy, pain, and love.

Firsthand Accounts from the Nineteenth Century

Three points of view from a hundred-plus years ago: A mountain man's tall tale; a farm wife's account a terrifying experience during the Civil War; and Mark Twain's portrait of a misguided but determined blue jay as seen through the eyes of a retired California miner.

Pets, Pets, Pets!

From familiar cats and dogs, to an eccentric parrot predicting the millennium, from mammal to bird to insect to reptile, experience the profound effect pets have on our lives and the thoughts they might be thinking as they do it.


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