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Susan Marie impacts corporations through story and metaphor. She offers humorous viewpoints and insightful strategies in three major areas:
  • Inspirational Talks. For a listing of popular presentations and audience responses, see Corporate Storytelling. For a list of recent clients see Conference Performances and Corporate Settings in her Curriculum Vitae.
  • Training. Classes, seminars, and workshops that teach the art of storytelling, speaking, crafting a speech, or scripting a presentation. Learn how Stories Give Your Presentation the Edge. For a list of recent clients see Susan Marie's Curriculum Vitae.
  • Consulting services for business in the area of developing and promulgating core messages and corporate identity through story. For more information, contact susanmarie<at>storysmith<dot>org.


From individual stories to full-length plays, from solo work to narrations coordinated with symphony orchestra, Storysmith® Susan Marie Frontczak works words like wrought iron to shape an image, a message, or an epic journey. Her original narrative scripts and stories include "Ground Hog" heard on Morning Edition, Colorado Public Radio; "Vanishing Voices" a collaboration with Planina Balkan Women's Choir; and "Two Hearts, Four Feet" a celebration of social dance to accompany the traveling Smithsonian exhibit "Paris in the Jazz Age." For information on her longest running work, see "MANYA — The Living History of Marie Curie." For a list of recent scripts, stories, and narrations,see Original Compositions and Scripts in her Curriculum Vitae.


Living History Presenter

In her living histories of Marie Curie, Mary Shelley, Eleanor Roosevelt, Irene Castle, Erma Bombeck and Clara Barton, Susan Marie melts, stretches, and reforms the boundaries between theatre, storytelling, and public speaking. These deeply researched programs are presented with no imaginary "fourth wall" between the historical figure and the audience. The audience travels back in time to hear and to speak directly to the historical personage. Furthermore, Susan Marie addresses and responds to questions from the audience as the historical character.



For over two decades Storysmith® Susan Marie Frontczak has brought literature to life, created stories from thin air, and honed personal experience into tales worth telling again and again. She plays in theatres, corporations, schools, libraries, and festivals nationwide. For a description of programs, see Repertoire For Children or For Adults. For a listing of recent clients, see her Curriculum Vitae.


303-442-4052 • Boulder, Colorado